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Beach Sloth [] review:

"Boron's ‘Vicinity’ takes field recordings and transforms them into a literal narrative. Everything within its two giant expansive slabs of sound indicates a cinematic quality. Pieces fit into each other creating a sense of continuity. For those pieces that could be considered actual music, full songs, they serve more as a way of setting a mood for the dialogue about to occur. Besides mere dialogue other aspects are explored from breathing to a ringing phone to jumping into water. Without any visual material to rely on the listener must trust that Boron knows exactly what to do. Fortunately Boron does.

‘Part 1’ begins in the most ridiculous manner possible down to the movie theater introduction. When the classical piece begins it is accompanied by field recordings giving it an exploratory sensibility. The sense of a busy city street is set. An anxious piano sets itself atop the sound of rushing water and a pulsing motor deep within the mix. Dialogue comes in and out on the first half. For ‘Part 2’ the dialogue asserts itself much more strongly. Industrial landscapes are much more prominent ‘Part 2’s mix. Sounds of the barnyard are almost humorous thanks to the prolonged period of time spent on them. Here the telephone serves an interesting purpose as it transmits music in grainy lo-fi static.

On the final few minutes an off-kilter piece asserts itself without any steadiness at all. Never building up it simply stumbles from beat to beat hoping to prolong its short weird life a bit longer. ‘Vicinity’ uses an extremely literal definition of the word ‘cinematic’."

Brad Rose: "It was tough cuz it sounded so weird and just, yeah...I had to recalibrate my thinking/approach a bit, but I think it sounds good. Crazy album, dude ;)"

Stefan Jecusco: "Better than I thought it was going to be."

Dylan McConnell (Field Hymns Records): "It should be called "Yelling and Panting". It freaks me out."


released November 1, 2013

Edited and Arranged by BORON.
Field recordings by Dobroide.

Additional field recordings by:
benboncan / juskiddink / UAIR01 / Csengeri / Clippingdetected / crz1990 / rowy101 / carroll27 / rutgermuller / guitarguy1985 / melack / RHumphries / euroblues / digifishmusic / Dan Nelson / acclivity / daveincamas / sagetyrtle / kathol / claudiotinseltower / vollkornbrot / stefan1 / schulze / linse / nooitgenoeg / jaava73 / timofei / rockdoctor / nissse / andrew1280 / toiletrolltube / ldezem / owlstorm / korvdonf / Twistedlemon

Music by BORON
Mastered by Brad Rose.
Produced by The Bewlay Brothers.

Thanks to Dobroide, Argon, and MaryClare Brzytwa.



all rights reserved


BORON Oakland, California

Boron is a music and sound art project/persona by the artist Dan Nelson. He was born on a chilly night in the modular Moog room at Mills College in Oakland in 2006 and has, since then, sought to explore and discover the world of sound that is called music on one end of the spectrum and sound art on the other, as well as the vague and vast territories in between. ... more

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